BIONATUR, the specialist company in polluting gases

Bionatur Medio Ambiente is the leading company for purifying polluting gases in southern Europe and is the only European company with manufacture its own filters, absorbents and catalyser. The production lines are in Igualada (Barcelona) and the central offices are in Barcelona. We also have offices in Lyon (France), Lisbon (Portugal) and China.

The fact that we are the manufacturer of our own filters, absorbents and extensive investment in R+D (more than 15 million euros) has made it possible for us to develop the best technology worldwide for removing polluting gases with several international patents. That is why our filters and absorbents have a higher absorption capability than that the other absorbents.

Bionatur Medio Ambiente also has the most advanced laboratory for applied research, where in addition to developing new absorbents and catalysers, we can reproduce on an experimental scale the real conditions for each client to be able to test and offer the best solution in each case.

We have a highly qualified professional team to provide the best service and personalised attention.

Our technology removes the polluting gases in the majority of industrial sectors, such as the chemical, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, automotive, graphic arts, surface treatment, ceramic industries, thermal power plants, paper mills, biogas plants and many more, etc.).

Bionatur technology is in many countries worldwide (France,Spain, Portugal, Italy, China, etc.).

Bionatur has a great reputation among environmental scientist and environmental public authorities because it was the first company worldwide to achieve the removal of 100% of SO2 from thermo-electric power plants . It also successfully carried out the removal of gases from the largest environmental project in Europe (purifying gases for waste decontamination) for which it was the main chemical industry in Spain on the main river in Spain, the River Ebro (more than 1,000,000 tons of hazardous waste) and it was the first company worldwide that achieved a complete solution for the most complex issue of emergency stoppages in large foundries (copper, aluminium, steel).

As in medicine, it is also important to be a specialist;  in the environment is also very important to be specialist and to have profound knowledge of the issues. That is why Bionatur Medio Ambiente is dedicated solely and exclusively to treating polluting gases, which makes it a reputable and complete specialist in the sector. The advantage of contracting a specialist is that it is a true expert in this field, with in-depth understanding of each problem, providing the most suitable solution for each case.

Many companies have already trusted the Bionatur integral solution to resolve one of the most complex problems for companies (the environment) in the fastest, safest and most economical way.