The bionatur integral solution

The Bionatur integral solution includes all the necessary equipment, processes and treatments to remove the gaseous polluting emissions efficiently. All of this without the need for INVESTMENT and with FULLY GUARANTEED RESULTS.
The Bionatur system includes:
  • full turnkey engineering.
  • supply of filters and absorbents.
  • commissioning, monitoring and maintenance.
  • management of produced waste.

The main advantages of the BIONATUR INTEGRAL SOLUTION are:

  1. it is an integral turnkey solution
  2. no investment required, because the filters are rented
  3. it is the most economical solution on the market.
  4. total guarantee for removal of pollutants and 100% compliance with legislation.
  5. it removes all types of pollutants (VOCS, SO2, HF, dioxin, biogas, H2S, heavy metals, etc…)
  6. all-inclusive fixed price
  7. no permanent contract
  8. more than 100 facilities worldwide
  9. they are mobile filters that are easily changed in less than 20 minutes
  10. no kind of handling or maintenance required
  11. bionatur has successfully carried out the largest environmental projects in europe
  12. bionatur also takes care of integral waste management
  13. they take up very little space and can be located both inside and outside
  14. no gas, water or electricity consumption
  15. free environmental advice. measuring service
  16. as bionatur is the manufacturer of the absorbents and filters there is maximum safety and quality in the supply.
  17. the bionatur solution can be implemented very quickly (2-3 weeks)
  18. each client has absolute freedom in deciding when to change the filters


Full turnkey engineering:

We study, design and manufacture the full engineering project. We carry out the entire installation from capturing gases from the issuing source to its piping to the Bionatur filters, including breathing equipment, particulate filters if neecsary, measuring equipment and all accessories that may be necessary.

Supply of filters and absorbents:

We offer a wide range of mobile filters using our own technology adapted to the requirements of each client. We supply these filters under a rental system and therefore no investment is required. The filters are mobile and take up very little space and once saturated are changed very easily and quickly (approx. 20 minutes), without the need for any type of handling, either of the filter or the absorbent by clients. We deal with all types of flows from 100 to 500.000 m3/h.

Commissioning, monitoring and maintenance:

Our technicians have extensive experience and use the most sophisticated measuring equipment to carry out the commissioning of the filters and keep them at optimum performance levels from the very first moment.

We also provide monitoring and a personalised advice on each installation so that all our clients are fully advised and informed at all times on the filters’ operation, the results and the current legislation for their sector.  There is no cost because they do not require maintenance or consume water, gas or electricity.

Management of produced waste:

Given that Bionatur Medio Ambiente also has a licence for waste management, all waste management is carried out entirely by Bionatur without clients having to take charge of anything.
This way, changing the saturated filters is a quick, clean and safe process, since the entire emptying operation is managed in the Bionatur facilities themselves and therefore away from the clients’ factories.

This means that there is no contact by personnel at any time with the polluted waste, which means maximum safety and hygiene.

Once the waste is extracted from the filter at the Bionatur facilities it is then treated, which could consist of energy recovery-incineration or putting it in landfill waste, depending on the type of pollutants that have been removed.

In short, our clients do not have to worry about anything regarding the removing gases equipment, since Bionatur provides a full service from capturing the polluted gases to the cycle’s end with integral waste management.