Bionatur Filters

Bionatur filters are high-technology mobile filters developed by Bionatur to achieve the maximum capacity for removing pollutants. That is why Bionatur filters lead the market, by lasting longer and being more efficient than other purification systems. The system makes it possible for them to be changed when they are saturated, without the need for labour or handling, in less than 20 minutes. Our philosophy is to make it as easy as changing an ink cartridge in a printer when it is empty; it is removed and the new one inserted, quickly and easily.

Bionatur filters use highly-advanced technology designed by Bionatur’s R+D department in cooperation with the most advanced departments of engineering and fluid dynamics to achieve maximum capacity for absorbing the pollutants with minimum filter use and therefore with minimum cost to clients.

Inside the filters there are absorbents and catalysers that are manufactured and patented by Bionatur which have a much superior absorbance capacity to other conventional absorbents. The synergy of the Bionatur filters and high performance of our absorbents means that Bionatur is the most economical solution on the market but always with a total guarantee for results.

There is a rental system for the filters and therefore no investment is needed by clients, and they only pay rental for the days that the filters are in their factory. This makes them ideal both for continuous processes and discontinuous processes (by batches) or seasonal.

Bionatur has a large fleet of mobile filters in its Factory and logistics warehouses, which makes the fastest delivery period on the market possible (only 48-72 hours).

The rental costs include best knowledge technology, in other words clients always have additional filters and absorbents using the lasted technological innovations developed by Bionatur, at no extra cost.

The fact that there is no handling at clients’ locations means a great saving in time and costs, total hygiene and great safety since at no time is any employee in contact with the waste produced.

The Bionatur solution is totally modular, which means that at all times they adapt to any change in machinery or production lines and at any time filters can be removed and inserted without additional cost.

Bionatur filters are easily connected (less than 20 minutes), they work autonomously without the need for water, gas or electricity and once the first one is in place, further changes do not need commissioning, supervision, or any maintenance by clients.

In short, our mobile filters are special because of their easy operation, their greater absorption capacity and because they are the most economical solution on the market, and the most proven, in hundreds of facilities both nationally and internationally.


Types of Bionatur Mobile Filters:

The Bionatur filters’ range comprises 3 types of standard filter, all of which are made in different types of materials (steel, stainless steel, titanium, etc.), preventing corrosion and mechanical wear caused by different polluting gases.


BR15 filters are filters of 1 x 1 m at the base and a height of 1.5 m that take up an area of only 1m2 (the same small surface area as a pallet) and can work with a maximum flow of 2.000 m3/h per filter. These filters can be stacked to occupy even less space (on top of each other) and can be moved very easily using a simple manual lift truck since they weigh less than 1.000 kg. To find out the number of filters required, all you need to do is divide the flow by the filter’s maximum flow. For example: if there is a flow of 6.000 m3/h it will be recommendable to use 3 BR15 filters of 2.000 m3/h each.


BR350 are filters of 7 m x 2 m x 2.5 m that permit a flow of up to 20.000 m3/h per filter. These filters can work both horizontally and vertically and are put in a place by the same hook lift lorry that transports them without any need for cranes or other lifting resources.


BR500 are the largest mobile filters for gas purification worldwide, measuring 12m x 2m x 2.5m that make it possible to deal with a flow of up to 50.000 m3/h each filter, suitable for large volumes such as those in hydroelectric power plants,  iron and steel indusry, petrochemical plants,foundries, etc.